"[People Magazine] asked people to recreate scenes from famous movies in a photo. They asked Andy Samberg and I if we wanted to recreate a scene from a movie like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and we said that sounds great, but we’d rather do a scene from E.T. You might be like, “How could you and Andy do that; one of those is a child and one of those is an alien! Well, I feel like we nailed it.” - Seth Meyers

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— Romeo, probably

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“There are definitely things I’ve picked up over the course of Thrones. The physical stuff within a role is something I respond to anyway – I always enjoy that side of things. And it’s very much a part of who Jon Snow is – he doesn’t talk a lot but he speaks through his actions. I’ve really enjoyed getting into those bits, whether it’s rock climbing, ice climbing, sword fighting, horse riding. And not everyone in Thrones gets to do it.”

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I’m going to leave it there for the 4am crew to find when the lights come on

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words can be hard

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This is the timeline expressions of my day to day life decisions

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Are we human?
Or are we
dancing alien gif

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when your friends are exchanging secrets right in front of you



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*hears intro to Sugar We’re Going Down* … *runs into room* AM I MORE THAN YOU BARGAINED FOR YET *kicks wall* I’VE BEEN DYING TO TELL YOU ANYTHING *punches chair* YOU WANNA HEAR *throws table* COS THAT’S JUST WHO I AM THIS WEEK

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Someone sprayed a knob and bollocks onto a $1.5 million car

Knob and bollocks…I love non-American people…

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