making up for low grades with high calories

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I promise I’ll stop posting pictures of Dylan O’Brien now…I just love him so much ya know…god damn I am 20 fucking years why am I acting like I’m 12?  Stupid attractive men and their stupid attractive faces…



Wrong camp asshole, this is The Rudest Colony. Get the fuck out you naked piece of shit.

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FACT OF THE DAY:  mars is called the red planet because during the cold war it sided with the communists

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For me, being able to be vulnerable is difficult, but it’s just something that I feel comfortable doing. I need to fully understand why, the thought-process behind the character and I have to believe it. That comes from a lot of preparation. 

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Just two baby monkeys hugging.

(Kathmandu, Nepal)


It all makes sense now. Gay marriage and marijuana are being legalized at the same time.
Leviticus 20:13 says if a man lays with another man, he should be stoned.
We were just misinterpreting it.

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I idolize Daniel Radcliffe

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